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Counseling FAQ

  • What types of biblical counseling do you offer?
    Our call is to provide help for couples, so we focus ONLY on biblical marriage and couples' counseling. We do not offer individual counseling services.
  • Are your Biblical Counselors licensed with the State of Arkansas?
    Abiding Marriage does not employ professional counselors licensed in the State of Arkansas. Our counselors training and certification is in Biblical Counseling. As Biblical Counselors, we are passionate about the real difference the Gospel can bring in marriage!
  • How long do sessions last? And how often will we meet?
    Counseling sessions typically last 60-65 minutes. Sometimes your counselor may suggest having a longer session. Most couples meet either every week or every other week.
  • How many sessions will we need?
    This varies from couple to couple depending on your situation. Your counselor will work with you individually on this. Generally after meeting for 6-8 sessions, your and your counselor will evaluate your progress and plan for the future.
  • How much does biblical counseling cost? Do you accept insurance?
    Abiding Marriage is a donor supported, non-profit ministry that is wholly funded by those Ministry Partners who believe in our mission. There are no fees for the biblical counseling we offer. So there is no need to file with your insurance.
  • Are there any other costs?
    We want every couple who schedules a session to be committed to their appointment and the overall counseling process. So we charge a $25 fee if you no-show for an appointment. We also charge a $25 fee if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment (except for illnesses and emergencies).
  • Can I come without my spouse?
    Biblical marriage counseling is most effective when both the husband and wife start and attend all counseling sessions together. If you are in a place where your spouse is unwilling to attend with you, then we encourage you to either pray and wait for your spouse to become willing, or go ahead and seek out individual counseling to work on your own issues and challenges.
  • What if we are from out-of-town?
    We have counseled with many couples from all over Arkansas as well as several other states. Online/Virtual counseling is a great option if you are in this situation.
  • Do you offer online/virtual counseling?
    We do offer online/virtual counseling for couples. These are normally done through services similar to Zoom or Skype. Many couples find online/virtual counseling more convenient and economical. Your counselor might suggest meeting in person to get started, and then move to virtual sessions. But many couples do virtual from start to finish. Your counselor will work with you on this.

Other questions: Please email us at, being sure to include your first and last name, your specific questions, and a cell phone number where we can reach you during the day. Thank you!

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