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Thanks for coming here to find out more about us! We are Glen and Shawn Solberg, a married couple living in Central Arkansas, who are passionate about helping other couples have a thriving, Christ-centered marriage. 

We co-founded Abiding Marriage in 2021 because of our commitment to invest in couples in two specific ways: 1) by helping couples through seasons where their marriage is struggling or in crisis, and 2) helping young married couples lay a solid foundation for the future. Our prayer is that Abiding Marriage can a resource for you on your marriage journey, whether you are one week married, or have been married for decades!

We love painting the picture of all of us being "fellow travelers" on the road of marriage. When one couple needs help, another couple is there to walk with them on the road. God has created His Church, the Body of Christ, to work in this way – couples helping couples. We hope this site will both challenge and encourage you on your marriage journey. So take some time to explore the help and resources you will find on this site!


Abiding Marriage is a non-profit organization that seeks to help couples more closely connect with Jesus Christ and equips them to thrive in their marriage relationship. We do this through biblical marriage counseling and ongoing marriage discipleship and training.


If we look around, we all see the devastating effects of hurting and broken marriages and families all around us today – in every neighborhood and community!  Marriages and families are dying every day.  And this is not confined to those outside the the Church – the Body of Christ.  Many Christian marriages and families are struggling as well.


We have seen personally how quickly a marriage can break apart. After being married in November of 1992, we immediately began to have problems. In the summer of 1993 we were on the brink of divorce because of Glen’s adulterous relationship with another woman. After having been married for only one year, we did not see hope for our marriage.


Glen surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and began his personal relationship with God during this early period of struggle. God showed us things that needed to be worked on and changed. We agreed to stay together as we asked God to transform each of us. It took several years to get beyond the pain of that first year. But after all of God's redeeming work, God took the word “divorce” out of our vocabulary.



Early in 2000, after attending a FamilyLife Weekend to Remember Getaway, we began to wrestle with what we believed was a calling from God into full-time marriage ministry. At that time, God made it very clear to us that He had put us through all the heartache of our first year of marriage so that we could help other couples. How could we refuse the call of the One who had saved our marriage?  So, later that year, we began the process of becoming missionary staff with FamilyLife. After raising our initial support, we moved to Little Rock, Arkansas in 2003 to serve at the headquarters of FamilyLife. 


We had the privilege of serving at FamilyLife until 2016, when He called us to serve and help marriages in a more focused way with Marriage Revolution. We served as biblical marriage counselors with Marriage Revolution, helping couples who were struggling or in crisis. The 5 years we served with Marriage Revolution were great years of spiritual growth and God giving us an even deeper passion to help couples. We will always be thankful to the Lord for the years we spent growing and serving with both FamilyLife and Marriage Revolution.

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